AVHG Gone Wild

If you haven't been reading the Abbington Village Home Group page, then you've been missing out. Yes, Craig posts some really thought-provoking things, and, yes, the group responds with a lot of insightful comments, but I mean specifically the discussion surrounding their recent movie night.

I particularly loved the following two comments:

"So last night we did a test and we found out that (despite trying hard not to
be) Criag is a boy, Brandi is mostly girly with a little boy, Angie is half and half, and Megan is a cat. Again, this is why I love this group, Multicultural, Multispecie-al, aaahhhh. "

Posted by Cristi and the following from Craig.

"You better check yourself girlfriend....trying to come in here with that weak

I'm not really sure what's going on at home, but it sure is fun to read...


Angie said...

It involves lots of alcohol, that's for sure...

Craig said...

Your the hostess so if we are all drunk then it was you who served us "spiked" drinks. Oh , and don't try and blame me for bringing the drinks, it all falls on the hostess.

You know I have been told by y'all that you want the real Craig to come out and pay. You may have just bite off more than you can chew. And yeas I used "y'all", you see in my hood you have to be able to roll with many dialects or else you end up getting punked.