The Kurdish Air Force (Part 2)

I found out recently that if you search for "Kurdish Air Force" over at google, I am the first return.

This is because the Kurdish people have no actual air force and only exists her at 13Months. I'm not sure how many people actually search for the phrase "Kurdish Air Force," but as I'm glad they find me here making light of the Turkish bombardment. This is the joke I made originally and I think it's still funny.

I am pretty sure now that I have written "Kurdish Air Force" so often, I will be able to extend my reign as the number one link for the "Kurdish Air Force."

Until such a time as the fine and brave people of  Southern Kurdistan learn how to fly planes and drink tea at the same time.


jen said...

that is actually impressive.
i will resist the almost overwhelming temptation to start writing daily about the KAF in order to drop you to number 2.

Mobea said...

Oh my gosh, I would think that it should link you to Kurdish "Turkey" Air Force Cookie One.

L said...

I like your last sentence in the post - tee hee. :-)