Sometimes. Sometimes melodramatic. Sometimes clever and sometimes overwrought. Sometimes funny and sometimes lame.

I found two online comics today. Well, one comic and one that claims to be something else. 

The first is called Tiny Ghosts and it's the one that claims to be something else. It is really. The author says that each strip is actually a full story in two lines (with two pictures). Some of them are good. In fact, I find some of them really stunningly good. If you have some free time, pick through them. 

Some aren't so good. 

It's like spending an hour sorting through a thrift store; the junk is just interesting enough to keep you looking and sometimes you find something really great. That you think must have been mispriced at only 25 cents.

They have those here in Iraq. Most of the items for sale come from the US or Europe. It's weird and out of place to see used tupperware and Mr.T T-shirts in the bazaar. 

It's intersting to pick through things that belonged to someone a world away and wonder how each thing wound up on Iraq. In a flea market.

And, while I know this post would make it seem like I might have ADD, stick with me.

The other site is a comic. It's called The Perry Bible Fellowship. Don't let the name fool you, it isn't bible-related. It's a fairly clever comic. Again, some are funny, some aren't. Some are really very clever.

I hope you enjoy.


tiny ghosts said...

Thanks for supporting Tiny Ghosts. May your efforts be rewarded in the next life.

rdmeeker said...

Thanks tiny ghosts.

I have to say, though, I reread what I wrote and I think it sounds too harsh. I meant to emphasize how much I liked your site, but I think I may have made it seem as though it isn't as great as it is.

I think I overdid it with the thrift store comparison. Sorry.

L said...

The tiny ghosts one is OK, but I'm afraid I really didn't like the PBF one. Maybe I had bad luck w/ the ones I clicked on, but they were ALL, un, unsavory ones... ew.