The Kurdish Air Force

So, Turkey has begun bombing northern Iraq - aka southern Kurdistan.

I should stress before I go any further that this activity is no where near us and there is no reason to believe that it will ever come anywhere near me, Angie and Nila. Unless, of course, Nila joins the PKK. Not to say that she's thinking about it, but....maybe.

So, tonight I was reading this article and talking to Aram. He pointed to a picture of Turkish fighter jets and said,

"This is bad. We don't have these."

I said,

"You have actual turkeys, though. You could just tape bombs to them and send them off... the Kurdish Air Force."

I laughed and laughed at this idea. He didn't think think it was as funny.


I still think my joke was hilarious, but for a more serious discussion of the Kurdish Air Force read this post.

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