Coldest Winter in 30 Years!

Rumor on the street is that this has been the coldest winter in Kurdistan for 30 years. Luckily we've been spared the blizzard-like conditions that hit Iran last week, but we've been cold nonetheless.

The past few days, the wind has been brutal. It's driven temperatures well below zero (Fahrenheit--so well below zero Celsius!) We've kept fairly warm.

Today, though, is the warmest day in maybe 10 days. The high is about 42. Angie, however, is wrapped up in a blanket with a scarf turban on her head and threatening to run away.

I've been cold since November, so this is just more of the same for me. I spend my days dreaming of the eventual warm-up. I ask someone every day when the weather will get warmer. Word on the street is that I'll only have to wait until mid-February.

Nila takes it all in stride, but I expect her first words may be "I hate winter" since it's the thing she hears the most from her parents.

Except for maybe "I wish there was a Chipotle here...."


carrie said...

i could bring a suitcase filled completely with chipotle....if you want....

Tammy said...

That's grandma's girl...I hate winter too!! And, as your Dad used to say, "I'll buy you fly"-how appropriate!! Chipotle's on me when you get home!!!
Love you

Mobea said...

It's cold here too!The high is only 54 and the low is 44.It's supposed to get down to 35 Saturday. That's COLD here in TX! I had to turn the heater on.