2008 Year in Review

I reviewed 2006, but failed to review 2007.

I'm not sure why, but I'll review 2008 and try to remember to review 2009 next year.

January: We started the year with the coldest winter in recent memory in our area of Kurdistan. Luckily, we got to spend the worst of it house sitting in a luxury apartment. I also started teaching English at a local school, but I didn't mention it.

February: I won an ipod nano to start the month, but the internet went out in our neighborhood, so we spent even more time at our local cafe. I shared my feelings and was a little rude to everyone at the same time. I taught Kurds about "the Golf" and watched Atonement. About 12 times.

March: This month was really tough to be honest. I think that explains why there are so few posts. The month ended with an easter weekend baseball camp which went really well. Spring also came to Kurdistan which was very welcome.

April: Iran invaded, but it was an April Fool's joke! I got you, Mo! I turned 30 and it got hot. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I wrote some pretty good stuff in April. I recommend my story about airline tickets.

May: May held our last ten days in Iraq, almost three days in Dubai and two days in Virginia to visit Angie's grandfather. We came back to Columbus and settled back in with Sis.

June: June was a full month... I started a blog game. It failed. I celebrated my first Father's Day. It was great. I was reminded that Jesse is a sitter. Perhaps even the sitter. I ended the month with a super-duper cold/ear infection.

July: July continued June's sickness. At the end of the month, Nila pulled a table down on her face and needed 5 stitches. I struggled with reverse culture shock and intense boredom.

August: We moved to Grandview and I interviewed at Kroger. I did not get that job. Mom turned 51. I don't remember how we partied.

September: Nila turned 1! I commented on the Glade Lady and readership soared. We were subjected to Hurricane Ike's winds (aka Windpocalypse 2008) and those winds left us without electricity for five full days. We never went that long without electricity in Iraq!

October: I buckled under the weight of the 2008 election media hoopla and the bailout plan pushed me over the edge. I wasn't hired for a job I really wanted and I went to lame career fair.

November: Wow, I just reread November's posts. I'm lucky anybody still reads this nonsense. Angie was on the news and I became obsessed with gas prices. Angie also got an outside-of-the-house job.

December: Angie turned 30! Yay, Angie. We had weird pizza and I didn't get the insurance job. Angie stepped it up to full-time and we celebrated Christmas.

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Mobea said...

In review of 2008. You converted me into believing that all things were posssible when done for God. I found tremendous respect for the both of you and the wonderful work that you accomplished. I am very proud to have you as my son-in-law. You are a wonderful husband to my daughter and a wonderful father. I think that fatherhood had a profound affect on your life and you are really, really good at it. You're supportive of Angie in anything that she does. So yes, Robert, I've have really fallen in love with you as my son in law. I am very blessed to have you as part of my family. Thank you so much. I'm so very proud of you.