2006 Year in Review (Updated)

Below you will find my year in review. I edited it to add some more highlights and links to the archives for each month. I don't know that you'll actually go back and read anything, but I had a good time going through it again.

January: I slept into the New Year because I was sick as a dog! On the second, I flew to AZ and then travelled onto TX where I saw the world's largest wicker reindeer! Then it was on to Iraq where I dropped my soap on the toilet.

February: I spent Valentine's Day eating on the floor. Lucy folded the sifra into the shape of a heart and fed us all pink cake. I was cold and wet for the rest of the month.

March: I spent most of March sharing a room with Stanley since my room was being used by guests. I learned about hospitality! And Stanley had the immense joy of sharing a room with me! And I discovered Pak City!

April:I turned 28 in Iraq! Yay for me! I intrduced Fat Mannequin to the blog and, speaking of fat, I was labeled "a little fat for hiking."

May: Spent two weeks in the TKY! It was pretty awesome. When we went back to Iraq, I hated it!! But this is the month that things started to get good. And Sis turned 30!!

June: Helped Joan with her Massage Therapy classes - because I know so much about it. I was the brains behind the operation. It got really hot in Iraq and I almost passed out in the market. Oh, and someone had one small dog for Lucy.

July: I travelled out of Iraq by myself. It was HOT! I got engaged in London and then came home to America.

(And I met the fabulous Chadlers, of course. Thanks for everythng, Chandlers.)

August: Nothing really happened in August. Really. Except I got a van and did not meet Kurdish singing sensation Chopi.

September: i went to Shepherd's again. Oh, and I got married!

October: Halloween happened, I became a poet, but not living art.

November: I started working at Bath and Body Works. Good times.

December: Kate turned 18 and Angie turned 28 on the same day! Freaky.

Here's to 2007!!


OTRgirl said...

Nice summary!

Joan's in the other room still laughing about your 'brains of the operation' comment.

She's the featured item on my blog today...

Tammy said...

Nothing happened in August??? Geez, news to me.

rdmeeker said...

Oh, yeah. Mom turned 49 this August.

This year it's the big 5-0.

Tammy said...

50 50 50 50 I need to practice so I get used to saying-I don't think I look too bad for whatever 50 is supposed to look like-actually my good friend Paris thinks I'm hot!! hahahahahahaha