Like Lazarus

Before I went to Iraq I was warned that the country would take it's toll on my laptop computer. I heard story after story of laptops exploding or imploding or turning to dust, but I was one of the lucky ones. My computer made it through with flying colors. Sure it used to shut itself off unexpectedly about once every two weeks, but that never slowed me down.

Then I came home and signs of wear and tear started to show. Programs slowed down, the touchpad stopped working, the CD drive got louder and louder and the cooling fan did the same.

Last week it died. And by died I mean that Windows refused to start. Against Angie's advice, I performed a complete factory restore. I lost everything, but the computer works again. Unfortunately, the CD drive isn't working like it should still. I was lucky to get XP loaded again and I fear that Office will never load. I have to use Outlook Express now. Can you imagine!?!

I remember last time I went to Iraq the enemy tried to kill both Mom and Angie. Now he's attacking my computer? He's 0 for 3. Lame.


Cristi said...

have you tried just downloading it from the internet?

BrianStevenson.com said...

Think about it from a different perspective... God has graced you with a clean slate for 2007!

rdmeeker said...

Cristi, I took your advice. i could only download a trial version of Office, but I got the new Office 2007 through March 31. Not too shabby. By then, I hope to have a replacement!