Blue Monday

Did you know that yesterday was Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year?

I'm not sure of the science that goes into that type of thing, but let's all be glad that it's passed and we can look forward to a long procession of happier days to follow.

All in all, my Blue Monday was pretty good. I got my hair cut which is good because I was looking pretty bad, let me tell you.

Later in the evening, Angie and I went to a local church to hear Bob B. speak. He's a fantastic speaker and a really great singer. I've heard him sing before, but he was on fire tonight. Also, I found out he was on the Family Feud! I love that show. (but don't get me started on John O'Hurley! That shtick with the buzzer? Seriously, it wasn't funny the first time so why would it be funnier if you do it every day?)

Today, I'll have a chance to share my experience over that couple of years with Iraq at a briefing locally. Specifically, I'll get a chance to share about the very beginning of this journey; the stuff that happened pre-13months.

Remember 2003 and 2004? Wow, things have changed since then, yeah?

Here's another quote from Ruthless Trust:
"...it must be noted that Jesus alone reveals who God is. He is the source of our information about transcendence/divinity. We cannot deduce anything about Jesus from what we think we know about God, however, we must deduce everything about God from what we know about Jesus. This implies that all of our prevailing images and understandings of God must crumble in the earthquake of Jesus' self-disclosure. Trust means the willingness to become absolutely empty of all terrifying and comforting images of God that we have held, so that the gift of God in Jesus Christ may come to us on God's terms"

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Tammy said...

Blue Monday? That explains why I wore blue slacks, blue socks and a blue and white sweater-but I didn't feel depressed about it.