A Scene From a Pool

I went to my apartment complex swimming pool for the first time this summer. Sis and I only stayed a couple of hours, but I got a little it of sun. It was a nice time.

As we were leaving, I overheard the following conversation between three 13-year-old boys.

Boy #1: Dude, are you gonna get in the pool?

Boy #2: I don't know, dude.

Boy #3: He's gonna do like Jesse did, dude. He's gonna sit down.

That's all I heard, but don't assume that this snippet is taken out of context. If there's one thing I know about Jesse, I know that he sits. It's sort of his thing.


Tammy said...

how come I always miss deep conversations like that? Geez, Jesse just doesn't talk to me anymore.

jen said...

he will need to stretch his hamstrings regularly.