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Sounds good, right?

Today's topic:


It's June 2 now, and even though it's technically late Spring it's getting hot here in Columbus. It may hit 90 by mid-week. More than just that, though, we're also talking sever thunderstorms. Anyone who's lived in Columbus knows that means high humidity to match the heat.

Having lived in Iraq, I know that there are hotter temperatures to be endured. I remember last year that I would get so hot that I just wanted to take my pants off. My legs would just get so hot that I felt crazy.

I also know that there are places with worse humidity. I spent a week in Arkansas one August. There was fog all day because the air was so wet. I went with Misty and her sister to visit their mother. She wouldn't turn the air conditioning on in the car until it had run for five minutes. She said it was better for the engine and we'd all sit there sweating and miserable until our five minutes were up.

While I can't tell you whether or not waiting is sound car advice, I can say that it almost kills the people inside the car. I consider myself lucky to be alive today.

Having said all that, the Columbus Summer is both hot and humid. We're one of those cities that can't stop talking about how hot and humid it is.

It's also the most wonderful time to be in Columbus.

This weekend we'll have the Columbus Arts Festival and Short North Gallery Hop. Then a few short weeks later we'll celebrate the Fourth of July.

I won't go into the other great local events, lest you become so jealous that a growing displeasure with your own lame town ruins your Summer!

I intend to spend this Summer in shorts (so my legs don't burn off) and either outside or in air conditioning (so I don't die in a car).

So, I have rambled rather than enlightened, but there you have it.

What do you have to say about Summer?

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Tammy said...

what do I have to say about summer??? I guess you'll have to read my blog to find out!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in, but you have to go to myspace for mine.

Mobea said...

My dearest favorite son-in-law, have you forgotten where you were born? If you would like to enjoy some hot weather, please, by all means, stop by anytime.
Oh, and you leave the car doors open for 5 minutes with the air running BEFORE you get into the car.
A good parking space in Texas is not how close it is to the building, it's how much shade you can park in.