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Here goes.

I don't have siblings. I have sisters. 4 of them.

For those who may not be up on the family, I technically have 1 sister, 1 half-sister and 2 step-sisters.

I've had Brandi as a sister since the day I was born. She's the one from whom I learned pretty much everything I know. She taught me how to read and how to dress and how to act. I looked to her for all the answers when I was young. I don't have to ask her as much now because she did her job well enough that I can make my own decisions now with confidence.

She taught me about God and who Jesus is. I was baptized because she was and I wanted to be like her. That's when I was twenty!

To quote the great Aunt Che, if she ate a big fat turd, so would I.

Next came Vanessa and Erin. This June marks the 20th anniversary of our meeting. What I remember most is that Vanessa used to beat Erin up all the time. I learned after a few months that Erin deserved most of it. Vanessa and I did not get along, but as time went on and Middle School hit, she became a great friend to me. She and Erin both were there over the weekends spent at Dad's when I didn't have any other friends - or at least no one I wanted to spend time with outside of school.

They were both there for me when Dad died. That was over 14 years ago and we had to decide then to be a part of one another's lives now that we had no family connections other than Kate. That's a far cry from Vanessa telling me "no one wants you here," here being Dad's house and me calling Vanessa a snowman from Hell. I wasn't quite as witty as I am now.

Then there's Kate who pops into the picture in December 1988. I'd never had a little sister before and Kate was a treat. She pooped on the floor, she ate butter from the tub and she eventually made terribly inappropriate Selena jokes. She was an awesome kid and, luckily, she's just as great as a twenty year-old college student!

From the left: Kate, Vanessa, Me, Erin, Sis. In the front are Angie and Nila. Angie looks crazy, but she just had a baby 10 minutes before, so giver her a break.

So, that's my post about siblings. I have more to say about these lovely ladies, but I don't want to start rambling.

I love my sisters!


Tammy said...

if she ate a big fat turd, so would I....... hahahahahahahahahahaha. You gotta love that comment, especially when you loved the person that made it!! Good job

Ness Kinney said...

Ah yes the Keegon's Crossing days. Days that served as an emotional roller coaster fueled by Pepsi, Smarties,JTM BBQ burgers and second hand smoke. How does one sum up into words that time in a person's life. Less drama and glamour than say Dawson's Creek but with more ghetto flavor than an SNL skit. If you did not live it you will never understand it and it takes the passing of 20 years to truly appreciate it.

I look back on everything now and cannot imagine my life with out you all.

rdmeeker said...

Well said!

Brandi said...

I love you very much and can't begin to say how much you have taught me.