My First Father's Day

Or is it Fathers' Day? I don't really know and, regardless, it was still my first one as a dad.

Honestly, it's the first one I've had reason to celebrate in fourteen years. Not to be sentimental (heaven forbid), but since my dad died back in 1994, there hasn't been much reason to celebrate the day. It had gotten to the point where I blocked out the holiday altogether and was often surprised when someone mentioned it.

"Oh, how quaint. You still celebrate that?" Like it was Boxing Day or Decoration Day.

My first venture back into the land of Father's Day was nice. Mom and Grandma Kay cooked up a hearty lunch - of my choosing - and we plus Angie, Nila and Sis ate it on Grandma Kay's newly well-appointed patio.

Later in the day we went to a little ice cream shop on Hard Rd. called Mardi Gras. Given the French name, you might be surprised by it's Indian heritage. We didn't try any of the subcontinent's frozen treats opting instead for something called Butterscotch Crunch which tasted like a pudding pop. Remember those?

I think it's fair to say that we all ate too much ice cream.

It was a good first time out. I look forward to many more Father's Days to come.

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Tammy said...

not to get too sentimental either, but I think your Dad is happy that you have reason to celebrate Father's Day again. I'm glad you enjoyed it.