Down for the Count

If you are a regular reader of Nila's blog, then you know she's been sick for the past few days.

Two days ago, she passed it on to me. Yesterday, Sis and I took Matt and Hannah to see Wall-E and then to lunch at Raising Cane's. The cold had me feeling sluggish, so I skipped the pool activities which followed and Angie went in my stead.

In the evening, I went to Com Fest with Sis and Nikki. We had dinner at Barley's and then walked the festival. It was hot and, after maybe 20 minutes, I was done with it.

Sis stayed to party with some friends and Nikki and I headed out. We went to IntaJuice and then made a swing by Barnes and Noble.

Exciting, right? Well, that's how I roll.

By the time I got to Barnes and Noble, I was dead. I couldn't breathe and it was a struggle to keep my eyes open. For a while, I wandered around stubbornly trying to be interested in books, finish my smoothie and breathe all at the same time.

I eventually went to the music section, sat on a stool and tried to stay awake while listening to snippets of new music.

Nikki found me there and took me home. I got home and into bed by 11:00.

I woke up today at 3:00 pm.

I've been awake for a whole 8 hours now and I'm thinking about going back to bed. It's been a long time since I've been wiped out so completely by a cold.

In review:

Wall-E: So boring. I think Pixar forgot the plot in all the message. It was certainly well-made, but a snooze fest nonetheless.

Raising Cane's: Always 5 star. I love their special sauce!

ComFest: I am too old for this crap. Pseudo-Hippies smoking pot and painting their ugly, saggy breasts coupled with oppressive heat and oppressive liberalism isn't as much fun as it once was. On the up side, there was a large tent for bike parking and it was full. On the down side, everyone else had to pay $10 to park.

Barley's: I should mention that this weekend Columbus also hosted some sort of gaming convention. As Barley's is right across from the convention center, it was full of nerds. I don't blame Barley's, though. The food was good, the atmosphere was pleasant and, if I weren't ill, I would have dogged* on some ice-cream sandwiches.

IntaJuice: If you like smoothies - and who doesn't - this is the place. I used to like Surf City Squeeze at City Center, but that went out of business ages ago. Our fine city has been fairly smoothie-shopless since. We have Planet Smoothie, but I hate Planet Smoothie, so it doesn't count. Enter IntaJuice. It's in the South Campus Gateway and very good.

Barnes and Noble: It's Barnes and Noble. Corporate booking at it's finest, I guess. My only complaints are that there aren't more chairs and they've stopped allowing me to listen to whole songs in the music village.

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Anonymous said...

Ted was at that gaming convention and likely at Barleys! You might have been there at the same time. Oh wait... I think I just called my fiance a nerd. He prefers the term geek :) Glad you're feeling better!