The Little Clinic

Today, I tried to go to an urgent care facility near my house.

Here's the background: I don't have insurance, but I do have an ear infection.

So, I went to the Big Run Urgent Care facility. I said, Hi I'd like some medical treatment. She said, And who's your insurance carrier. I said, I don't have any. I'll be paying. She said, That'll be $182.

I was shocked. I expected to pay $80 max. I told her I'd think about it and I did think about it. I knew that I'd get a prescription for an antibiotic and I could therefore expect to spend over $200 on my ear infection. It hurt really badly, so I considered it carefully.

I went home having decided to wait to see a real doctor tomorrow.

At home Sis said "What about that clinic at Kroger?"

That clinic is called the Little Clinic.

I paid $59 for the visit and $8 for amoxicillin and some numbing ear drops.

The Little Clinic gets the 13Months Seal of Approval.

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joan said...

do with this info what you will, but i have read (and tested, AND proven) that cleaning your ears with H2O2 will help prevent and cure infections.
all you do is put a couple/few drops in and let it bubble til it's done...then do the other side.
that's all i have for today.