Things in the Meeker household have pretty much stalled for the past seven days. The sickness has taken all of our time.

That's not true, of course, but we're spending much more time taking pills, napping, blowing noses, talking about how miserable we are, going to the little clinic and sneezing than we might otherwise. It cuts into our ability to do other things.

Today was Angie's turn at the Little Clinic. She has an ear infection and a sinus infection, so she's on amoxicillin too now.

Also hampering our efforts with things like blogs is that we've had power cord issues. My power cord (a three-month-old replacement) basically melted and stopped transmitting electricity. Angie's started smoking.

We ordered new ones at different times and from different online retailers. They both arrived today.

For anyone curious, mine was a better deal and arrived in only three days. Ask me how I'm so fly.

This evening, then, we had unfettered computer access, but nothing of note to write. Except, of course, that we're sick.

The good news is that I am on the upswing. I mean, I must be, right? I've been on antibiotics for five days already.

Oh. I did get my hair cut today. When I walked in, my barber looked at me and said, "Looks like someone's been enjoying being back in America a little too much."


Mobea said...

S what you're really saying is that Nila is doing a good job of taking care of Mommy and Daddy.

Tammy said...

hahahahahahaha.....funny lines from the gay barber!!!