5 Stitches

This afternoon Nila had an accident.

She's taken to pulling herself up on our end tables. The problem is that they're not very sturdy so, today, as she pulled up, it tipped over.

She came down and it came down on top her. The table top caught her square between the eyes, and, when I pulled the table off of her, blood was flowing down the sides of her face.

It was awful!

We rushed her to the emergency room where she got 5 stitches. We were lucky. It wasn't really very bad once the bleeding stopped and it only took about an hour and a half from fall to the drive home.

Nila's fine now. Angie and I are a little worse for the wear, but we're ok.

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Mobea said...

Welcome to parenthood. Okay, you made it through your first real test. You didn't faint. That's a good sign. But you will always have that nagging little feeling in your stomach when she starts playing on the monkey bars.