Angie is 30 Now (+ 2 Days)

Sunday was Angie's birthday.

Her thirtieth birthday.

We had a small catered affair here at the house with friends and family.

By that I mean we got more free food from the BBQ guy and had some people over to eat it and eat cake. All-in-all, it was a good time, although it may have been a bit dull. Sorry, Angie.

We played a game called "What's Yours Like?" You can click the name for a fuller description, but the basic premise is this:

One person is the guesser. Everyone else reads a card with a word or phrase on it. The guesser does not see the word.

The guesser proceeds to ask each player, "What's yours like?"

The others answer with clues, "Mine is small." "Mine is under the couch." "Mine is a pot-bellied pig."

The clues depend on the card, of course.

The first word was birthday and Angie was the guesser. Here's how that went.

Angie: "Bob, what's your's like?"

Me: "Mine is festive."

Angie: "Tammy, what's yours like?"

Tammy: "Mine is fun."

Angie: "Grandma Kay, what's yours like?"

Grandma Kay: "Scream"

Angie: ...

Me: "It has to be a sentence. Say the whole thing."

Grandma Kay: "Scream"

Sis: "No, no. It has to be a full sentence. Mine is ..."

Grandma Kay: "Mine is scream."

All together: "That's not a sentence."

That was really nothing compared to the second round when Grandma said "Mine is I came out of" for the word closet. Those of us who knew the word almost died.

For two reasons: It's still not a sentence and Grandma just told us she had come out of the closet. It was alarming.

All that and she still won the game.

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Mobea said...

I hope that means that Grandma literally just walked out of a closet. Or else, I'm sure a lot of jaws dropped. LOL.
Did Angie get her Raggedy Andy doll and her teddy bear? She loved playing with it when she was Nila's age. Did Nila get her Hallmark Christmas ornament? Angie said that she didn't remember Nila getting one last year, but I sent it with all the other goodies right before Christmas. I want Nila to someday have a whole tree decorated with Hallmark Christmas ornaments that Grandma Mo has sent her over the years. She will always get one from as long as I'm alive. Still sounds like you had good freinds, family and fun for her birthday. I'm baking Jesus a birthday cake for his birthday. He's getting a yellow with chocolate icing one. Last year he wanted a carrot cake. Whatever he wants for his birthday cake is fine as long as it's not pumpkin pie.
Love to all,