9Q to KYDM: Q2

As you may remember (from yesterday), Angie's asking a bunch of questions. Number 2 is below.

What do people say that you’re naturally good at? That is, what do people tend to give you compliments on without you even expecting it?
This question is hard to answer...

I'm good at getting things done. I've been complimented for this before.

I'm good at knowing where I am and how to get where I'm going.

I'm good at learning new things.

I'm a good writer - ironically, I first typed writier...

I'm good at Kurdish grammar.

Oooh, I can write in Kurdish and Arabic better than Kurdish fifth graders.
That's all I have.


Sis said...

Hey, I don't think that you listed anything that I said about you. Ok, maybe just the writing thing. What about being annoying? I think that I said that first, making it the most important.

Tammy said...

Good at? Ummm.....making fudge and dressing? Honestly, don't think anyone has ever commented on my natural abilities.