Officially Rejected

I got the following e-mail this morning.

Good morning,

We want to sincerely thank you for your interest in the [position] at [the company]. I was pleased to have the opportunity to become familiar with your background and credentials. I do regret to inform you that after thorough review of all the applicants that were reviewed, you have not been selected to move forward with this position. While you have an impressive background, the selected candidate brought the experience that we were searching for in addition to strong technical skills.

Best regards,

The Bearer of Bad News

I took a civil service exam this morning too. It was pretty easy, so we'll see what turns up.


Mobea said...

That sucks!This was the job that you thought you thought you were going to start in Jan, right? Somewhere God is holding onto a job that is just right for you. It will happen. When it finally happenes, you will know that it was worth the wait. Because you, my dear, are blessed!

Chad DeRosa said...


My e-mail is cderosa@insight.com. Send me a copy of your resume and an idea of what you are looking to get into. I know that we're about to hire a bunch of folks for a project that will run through October.