Another Round

I feel like all of my most recent posts have been impersonal. I haven't said anything compelling which let's you, friendly reader, know about my life. Who am I? Where am I going? Why?

Well, sorry. I know it's hurt your heart a little each time I just post a new link to a website or link to a story about Hilary Clinton. I feel your pain.

Angie, Nila and I head to California on Sunday for another round of training. We're not being trained again, mind you. We are training others. I'll be teaching them how to speak Kurdish and Angie will be teaching them how to breast feed. 

This will be my fourth trip to training! Can you believe it. It's crazy really. After the first time i wondered if I'd ever see the people involved again. The answer to those wonderings was yes. And yes. And yes again.

Remember the other times?

This time we'll be in California through October 25. We'll be just in time for Halloween, so we can dress Nila up like a potato or something even more clever.

And, while I know this post is all about me, I have another link for you. I know the elections are still a year away, but the Council on Foreign Relations has a nice feature which lists the candidates' positions on various foreign policy topics. It's pretty good. In fact, I have my preferred candidate narrowed to three choices, two Republicans and a Democrat, none of whom will win their party's nomination, but, hey, at least I am learning, right?

You can click here to check it out. 

Just kidding. You have to click here.

Ok. Really. Click here.

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