So, I read a post on a local blog, the 270, about a new service offered (meaning newly purchased) by Google. 

It's called Grand Central and, while this is the part where I should describe the service, I'm not sure I can. See, I sent Sis and invitation to check it out and she asked me a simple question:

"What is this?"

My response was mostly giggling with smatterings of laughter. Once you actually check out Grand Central, you probably won't understand why, but when asked directly I couldn't put it in words. It's one of those things that's either so awesome that I am lucky to be part of the beta, or it's something so useless that I shouldn't waste my time and in a year I'll pretend i had no part. 

I told Sis "You get a new phone number that you can route all of your phones to." 

"You mean my one phone?" 

"Umm, yeah." Giggle. "But you can record all of your voice messages and share them with your friends."

She gave me a look that suggested I had perhaps lost my mind -and, let's be honest, maybe I have- and she asked "Why?"

I don't know. In case you need to take your stalker to court. Or in case OJ robs you, I guess.

Take a look at Grand Central and let me know what you think. If you want an invite, I can give you one and we can be weirdos together.

Oh, also, there's a feature that lets me post a "Call Me" button on my website. Then people can call me. Here's how it works (I think): you press the button (mine is there on the right) then you enter your phone number. The Grand Central gnomes then call your phone and mine and hook us up. The beauty is that the people that choose to call me with this feature never learn my phone number. 

I can imagine that has some uses.

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