Did you know this? 

Also, your newborn can recognize whether sounds are part of his or her native language.

Your newborn continues to learn language by listening to the basic and distinct sounds (phonemes), such as the "tr" and "cl" sounds in the English language. Your baby remembers sounds and continually learns more nuances of language, which are later expressed when he or she begins to talk.

From WebMD.

There isn't too much happening here in the land of the Meekers. Nila has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. She went on Wednesday and she goes tomorrow just to be weighed again. She's just below average (the bottom limit of which is 5.5 pounds) and she's lost about 6 ounces since she was born (normal weight loss) which she should regain in the first 10 to 14 days. 

See? WebMD is very handy. I've also read the booklet we received from OSU about what to expect with our newborn (Angie's mom laughed and called it an instruction manual. As is "babies never used to come with instruction manuals") cover to cover which means I know a lot of things I never expected to. 

Like: did you know that a new mother doesn't start producing milk until the 3rd or 4th day? That means Angie's only been producing milk since Tuesday or Wednesday night. This explains the baby's weight loss. I also know about the colostrum - or pre-milk. [If you google colostrum to make sure you've spelled it correctly, the first link is for bovine colostrum. Surprising.]

 I am taking recommendations for good newborn development books, so let me know if you've read one.

Before Nila's birth I vowed not to become one of "those parents." You know, the ones who read baby books and always post crap about their baby on their blogs. But what's a dad to do when he has the most beautiful baby ever? 

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Lucy said...

My sister highly recommends "Babywise".