Sorry, Vanessa

Vanessa doesn't like the picture of the animal parts, so I am posing to move it down the page.

You're welcome.

I have been using a new web radio type thing for a few weeks now. It's called Anywhere.fm. It allows me to upload all of the songs from iTunes on my computer. Then I can listen to them like a radio on any computer. Anywhere.

Get it? 

This is great since the bulk of my music lives on the iMac. At home. In Columbus. No matter where I am, there it is. Until now. Now if I have internet, I have all of my music.

This will be especially sweet when someone buys me one of the new ipods with wifi! I'm not hinting or anything, but I do have an anniversary on the 22nd of this month. The traditional gift is paper. The contemporary gift is a clock.

The new ipod comes with a manual (paper) and has a built in clock. Check and check, my friends!

Back to Anywhere.fm

You can also listen to the collections of others. I am rdmeeker there, too if you want to listen. Let me know when you add and I'll listen to yours. 

Be warned, though, it does take some time to upload. 

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