The Idiotic-Hot Scale

A blogger I don't know has posted about the Glade Lady and asks the question, Is the Glade Lady hot or idiotic?

I don't think the choice is so clear. It's not dualistic, it's multidimensional. There are innumerable points along the scales hot and idiotic. The Glade Lady could be both or even neither. I would suggest a graph such as the one below to answer the question.
We could argue where the Glade Lady actually lies on this chart, but I don't think she's as hot as most of my readers do.

Nothing against Dori Kelley.

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1 comment:

Kristin said...

OK i just read through all of your Glade posts and I am crying lauging. I CANNOT stop laughing.

I just saw a Glade commercial and thought "do other people HATE this liar?? Do other people think like me???"

So I googled "Glade liar"...and here you are. Thank you so much.