Return of the Teeth

Who do celebrities get unnaturally white giant fake teeth?

I don't mean to be negative; if you want giant teeth I say go for it.

It's just noticeable.

And yet, no one really mentions it. Perhaps it's impolite to ask. I guess it wouldn't be the type of thing you'd want to bring up in conversation. If I was at dinner with someone who had giant stark white horse teeth, I wouldn't say anything.

But I would stare. A lot. It doesn't happen everyday.

And, if I knew the person well, I would ask about it. I'd probably never stop talking about it. I'd have a ton of questions mostly about motivation. "Do giant teeth make you feel better about yourself as compared to normal-sized, normal-colored natural teeth?"

"Did you have yellow rat-sized smoker's teeth before this?"

Both excellent questions.

Hilary Duff has the giant teeth. So does Josh Gracin as I've noted before.

The highest profile star to have them now is Rosie O'Donnell.

I wouldn't normally mention Rosie here. I haven't before and I doubt I will again. She has that new variety show, though, and those commercials where the reporters don't seem to know who she is.

It's because of the teeth Rosie. It's because of the teeth.


Mobea said...

Rosie has the mouth of a horse's behind. No, that's being too kind to the horse.

Aimee said...

Hahahahahahaha! (That's great, Mo)

I've wondered the same thing. Whoever does the veneers needs to realize that to many people, fake looking teeth aren't attractive.