Primarily Comfort

I decided to add another post here. Partly to prove that I am doing things not related to television. Unfortunately for me, I left the television on (tuned to music videos, of course) and I saw something that could not go unnoted.

Josh Gracin has new teeth. Not only that, but he took the Hilary Duff route which means that he looks like a completely different person. Or like a horse of a different color, if you will.

Key word horse. Nice choppers, Josh.

I came back tonight to post a link to the Soma Digest. Soma is an English-language newspaper from Kurdistan. It mostly focuses on Sulemania and Erbil. I was excited to remember it and to be able to check it out again. It's pretty good and it's an easy way to keep up on those crazy Kurds.

I am most excited by the advertisements on the site. They're mostly for places I know and, in some cases, people I've actually met. Also, they're pretty funny.

Welcome home, Lucy and Stanley!!

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Lady Copper said...

Yay!!! Stanley is finally home safe, as of this morning! We are SOO excited to have him back :-D Can't wait to hear all the stories...

That link sounds cool, thanks.

Hey, about TV... Computers don't count, they are still screen time! *LOL* Try something else for your excuse! ;-)