Surprise! It's a Computer...

Yeah, I guess that would be nice, but this is neither a surprise nor a computer. Mostly it's rambling. Which is better by far.

I added Angie's blog back to the list on the right. Since she stopped posting satellite photos of my house in K'Stan (Dear Mr. Terrorist, My boyfriend lives here. Oh, and he's an American. I know how you like Americans.), I decided to restore her linking privileges.

I tried a new restaurant today when I visited Katja and Julie today. We went to Oodles. It's an Asian noodle bar. I have been waiting for a quality noodle bar for years. This one's pretty close to quality and closer than most others around town - and by others I mean the millions of Chinese buffets. Check 'em out at www.gooodles.com.

I'd also like to give a shout out to Nikki and Miranda who I saw on Monday. The gave me a hard time for not being active on MySpace.com. I'll try, ok? Miranda is using it to look up the retarded kids we went to High School with and then she dates them. And yeah, Miranda I know. They're not really retarded. The proper phrase is now "Mentally Disabled."

Angie and I registered for wedding gifts, too. No, we don't have a church officially, yet, but we have officially put in our request for the Jack Lalane Power Juicer...

You can check us out at Crate & Barrel, Target and Sears. (That's right. I said it. Sears.)

Angie said that old ladies like to buy towels and I said that old ladies like to shop at Sears.


OTRgirl said...

I must say I'm really looking forward to your ongoing perspective on the wedding plans. This is going to be fun!!

Aimee said...

I totally agree with OTRgirl!

BTW, I checked out your registry on Target.com. I haven't had time to look at the others yet. I wish I could afford to buy you the KitchenAid mixer. We registered for one when we got married; I finally got one this past Christmas. It's my favorite and my best.

So, if anyone is out there who can get this for them, please do so! They will love it and think of you every time they mix! :-D

AngiesMomMo said...

Darn, that means that I can't get you towels.

nikki said...

okay, i should not read the blog at work, because i was totally laughing out loud at this blog. very funny!