Nicaragua in the House

Team Nicaragua is officially home, so welcome back! Right now the Brandies are sharing heart-warming stories from their 10-day visit to the Arms of Love children's home in the NIC.

The most important story that I've heard so far (because it relates to me) is that Doug reads my blog! Hey, Doug!

It kind of makes me regret the harping on and on about BB7. But, let's face it, not enough to stop. I mean did you see the last on? Kaysar instead of James! Crazy.

Speaking of overseas readers, I hope that the Chandlers are still checking in! Hey, Neil and Clare!

And speaking of the Chandlers (the world's greatest hosts), Joan is on her way to London. Stanley, Lucy and Joan all left IQ today. On Sunday they'll reach London where Joan will spend a week. Stanley and Lucy will continue on to the states.

Welcome home Stanley and Lucy!!

1 comment:

Joan said...

Just wanted to say YOU WERE RIGHT...again. As always.
London and the Chandlers are GREAT!!!
thanks for the sweet hook up. :)
see you Sunday