Angie is Famous

If you live in the central Ohio area and you watch Fox 28 news, then you were treated to Angie on the news.

She was interviewed for her work on the Crimestoppers website.

There's a serial rapist in Columbus and it's driven the site's traffic way up. The site was down today, so they did a story and featured Angie.

Yay, Angie.

I tried to find video of it online, but I can't. Angie did a great job.

Also, check out the website. She did a great job with that, too.


Angie is also famous on ABC 6. As of 11:15 pm, she was the featured story on the website, too.

See her here.


Mobea said...

Thank you for including that!! I was just asking Angie in her blog if anyone taped it. Thanks! Gosh, she is soooo beautiful!!!

jen said...

angie is totally famous