My Newest Obsession

There is something even more spectacular than Rosie's teeth in the world.

It's called ColumbusGasPrices.com.

I can find the lowest gas prices in town! And I don't even have a car.

I check it three or four times a day and today there's a little price war between two stations at High and Obetz Rd. Prices there have broken the $1.50 mark with the Exxon selling at $1.48 and the Speedway selling the city's cheapest gas for $1.47. Prices at these stations have fallen up to 5 cents from just this morning.

It's all very exciting.

PS - Rosie's fake teeth might not be permanent teeth at all. She was on Rachel Ray this morning with normal teeth. I don't know why her commercial teeth are so big!


Aimee said...

I'm Jealous. It's still $1.99 here.

Anonymous said...

I checked out Rosie's commercial teeth and you are correct--bright white cow teeth, but I think that's for the overall affect of the commercials or something. I'm so watching Rosie--after the holiday thanks to DVR. I know Rosie isn't popular, but I enjoy her and I'm glad she's back.