The Career Fair

Yesterday morning, I went to the Columbus Dispatch Cultural Diversity Career Fair.

I'll tell you why almost none of those words are correct, but first I'll tell you how I ended up there.

Last week Mom got me to agree to go to a job fair with her. When the time came, she backed out and coerced me to go on my own. I thought the job fair would be crap, but I decided to go anyway. I'm not doing anything else, right?

The fair showcased 16-20 booths. Two were for schools and 3 were for temp agencies. Three were for the Dispatch and 1 was for a recruiting firm which wasn't recruiting. The remainder were for companies hiring seasonal workers.

The real problem, though, was that no one at any of the booths was really hiring. They each had a sign listing available jobs and encouraged all of us to apply online. They told us it was the fastest way to submit our resumes.

Hmmm, I thought. Then why exactly did I need to come here? Each company can be found online easily.

Also, there was no real cultural diversity nor were there any companies which focused on minorities.

So no cultural, no diversity, no career and no fair.

Now, I know you think I'm being negative, but, if you'd been there, you'd feel the same.


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Mobea said...

Did you check out the state jobs that I sent you and the federal jobs in your area? If you didn't send your resume to them, then I will do it for you if you don't have the time. I understand how much time it takes to actually look for a job, so since I have your resume, I can paste and copy it everyone I have the time. I have nothing else to do. I just did a search on Columbus,jobs.com and they already starting bugging me to send in a resume. If your's is already there, then at at least I won't have to send it in there. But I'm goint to help you out and start posting your resume everywhere that has REAL jobs that are actually hiring. That's what MIL's do. Since you asked first for help. I'll do my best to help you.