Two weeks ago, I had an interview. That job was one that I really wanted and I thought the interview went well.

Last week, the hiring manager was out of the office and he told me to call if I hadn't heard anything by the 9th.

So, I called.

He said "That position has been filled...umm...I was just getting ready to call you."


First of all, if you work in HR, just call people. It's easy not to be a jerk.

Secondly, why can't I get hired? This isn't a pity question. I'm serious.

My resume is good, my experience is good, I interview well. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'd hire myself.

I've been considering taking things off of my resume. I've applied to some jobs without my graduate degree and internships. I think those things plus the work in Iraq, hurt me at this last interview.

At the end of it, he said, "Well, after all of the excitement in Iraq and London, this job would probably be pretty boring."

I don't really have a point here, I just wanted to rant a little.


Tammy said...

DON'T TAKE THINGS OFF YOUR RESUME..there isn't any good that will come from "dumming" yourself down to get a job. If you think those things hurt you, that's their loss-and the job wasn't meant for you! As I suggested yesterday....headhunter. The job market is rough, and without an "in" or a "connection" nobody (myself included)can get hired. Take a deep breath and research them. You know, because it always does, it will work out...it may not happen when you want it...but it will happen.

Mobea said...

I agree about using a headhunter. They have clients that will only hire through them and the jobs are good starting pay as that's how the headhunter makes their money. The more you get paid, the more they make. Angie's brother always uses headhunters for his jobs and has always had great success. You have too much to offer to keep cold calling for a job. I know it cost money to use a headhunter, but they usually take it out of your paycheck until they are paid.