From the Middle of the World

"being called to a particular thing in life means that we can't truly be satisfied doing anything else. yes we can function in other capacities, but our hearts always carry the longing to be doing what we truly love. i think it's like that with places too. while i DO love America and am grateful that i was born and raised here, there are places i always carry in my heart that are outside this country. places of wonder, places of dirt and need and desperation, and people that i'm truly in love with. and as i continue to delight myself in the Lord, He truly does give me the desires of my heart in allowing me to walk on the soil i love and giving me priceless relationships there."

Amen, sister.

*edited 11/04/09 to remove link to original post. I am not sure this blog is for public eyes. The author will remain anonymous, but if you recognize your words, you can claim them.

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Mobea said...

I wish that you guys could come to Galveston and help here. They need help so much. It is very much like a third world country right now. People are just trying to survive. There's no housing. It is totally destroyed. The Red Cross is pulling out. Over 600 people have been living in a tent for the past month there. There's so much that is gone, just gone. But these are strong people who will rebuild, but they need help. There are help wanted signs everywhere and it's just not that, they need to have their spirits lifted. They need hope. I wish you guys could help them. Look it up on the web and you'll see the devastation. I know that your heart is over there, but our people need help too.