Shattered Dreams

I think that this picture clearly represents Chicken fingers, no? And when hung above a restaurant one would assume that said restaurant served chicken fingers, yes? Why else would a restaurant hang a picture of chicken fingers above their counter?

Well, I can tell you that there are no chicken fingers in Kurdistan. None. Zero. In fact, these three lame little fingers are the only three in the whole of Iraq. Unless the US military is serving them, and they are certainly not serving them to me.

I didn't really expect chicken fingers from this restaurant, though. I know better than to believe the pictures on the signs. I learned this lesson the hard way from the restaurant with the picture of the shaved turkey bagel sandwich on it. Yeah, no bagels in Kurdistan either.

That one stung a little I have to say. I asked "do you have what is pictured on the sign!?!" "Oh, of course we do! I'll bring it right to you."

Apparently by "bagel", they meant bun and by "shaved turkey" they meant weird chicken sausage.

I keep asking my friends if bagels exist here and they all say no, but I keep plugging away at it. How does a civilization make it this far without bagels?

But, back to chicken fingers. I knew that chicken fingers were too exotic to be found here, but I wanted to take this picture to share with you all at home. So next time you are enjoying chicken fingers (Nikki), think about me. In Kurdistan.

Licking the chicken fingers sign.


Angie said...

Why are you so funny?

OTRgirl said...

Hey, I just bought a book with that title. Do you think Mr. Crabb is also discussing Chicken Fingers?

Angie said...

Hmmm, let's see. OTRGirl recently bought a book by Larry Crabb, entitled:

a. Why Are You So Funny?
b. Shattered Dreams
c. Chicken Fingers

Given the nature of OTRgirl's personality AND Larry Crabb's writing, it's probably... and the premise of the book is probably...

guess said...

hmm.....i finally get mentioned in the blog. i should have known it would be associated with chicken fingers. but what else is there, right? i'll have some for you. ha ha!

Katie said...

Hey! Thanks for the post just for me! I thought it was very funny. Probably more so than you may have expected, because I am completely slap-happy right now. I just got back from Buckeye Girls State, where I have been since the 11th. I am running on very little sleep, and we all know how I get when that happens. So I just want you to picture me laughing hysterically by myself in front of the computer. BGS was really really fun. Way better than I expected!

OTRgirl said...

The book by Mr. Crabb is of course, "Why are you so funny?" It examines the motives for people's use of humor. What are they hiding? Is it self-protection or self-promotion? Why is humor painful for so many people? What forms of humor include others and when does it exclude?

OK. Maybe that's for a future book. Should I tell him to write that one?