Kurd Kills Employer

Oops. Did I say kill? I meant "helps."

The above photo is of our very own cook, D-Dog, giving a massage to one of the American ladies here. I won't publish the name of the victim - not even the fake name - to protect the innocence of the victim, but the story goes like this:

"One minute she was standing by the chair giving me a 'massage' and the next thing I knew she was up on the chair. I just kept thinking 'this can't last forever.'"
-The Victim

The other two ladies on the team saw this all go down, so, of course, they came to the victim's aid.

Lady #1 laughed so hard she almost peed herself, and Lady #2 took the picture you see above.

As for me, I must have been napping or something because I missed the whole thing!


Lady #2 said...

Lady #2 also encouraged D dog to stop what she was doing, b/c it was clearly endangering her teammate's life. Didn't just stand by and take pics, Just for the record...(but the photo did come first)

Angie said...

It's a good thing that she had the presence of mind to grab the camera in the middle of the malay!