Eight Days

Exciting things that have happened in the last 8 days (in no particular order):

1) Went to the bazaar in the mid-day sun and almost died of heat exhaustion (thanks to Lucy)

2) Went with a Kurdish friend to talk to another Kurdish friend's father about the latter Kurdish friends desire to marry his dad's new wife's sister; mostly "listened"

3) Was bitten by first Kurdish friend in #2

4) Said "Xwa Hafiztan" to D and J who left the country and headed back to the USA

5) Drew picture of the human colon for Joan's class

5) Was introduced to a Kurd who told me that people say "F*** your mother" to him all the time because he wants to be a rapper, found it very hard to believe

6) Had some saffron ice cream

7) Spent a whole day in bed thanks to #1 and the effect #2 had on my beauty rest

8) Celebrated Ernie's birthday

9) Bought some new shirts at the bazaar (see #1)

10) Made a list of things I did over the past eight days

11) Watched a little World Cup

12) Checked my e-mail

13) Did not go to Vegas with my family

14) Began reading Arabian Nights

15) Visited one of Saddam's prisons here. "Drove" a tank


Tammy said...

1-I'll beat Lucy when I see her
2-I'm just confused.
4-It will be you soon.
5-You are the talented one.
5-did you realize you had 2-5's? I also don't believe it.
6-Was that good? Sounds like it would be
7-I'm so sorry.
8-Tell Ernie Happy belated Birthday.
9-Good-does that mean I get the journey shirt?
10-I also made a list.
11-YUK!! I hate soccer.
12-About time-although you did have a good excuse.
13-I wish you would have-I'd love to go again!!
14-WoW-I hope it's good.
15-This needs to have pics.

Lucy said...

WHOA!!! Slow down there Tammy! Not to call your boy a liar, but I should not be held responsible for any near-death experiences! (And I certainly shouldn't be beaten!) Heat or no heat, every individual is responsible for his or her own choices regarding shopping in the bazarr. And as soon as Robert expressed his concerns, we went straight for a taxi.
Perhaps, Robert needs to improve his communication skills and warn me sooner if he's about to die.

rdmeeker said...

Lucy is not solely responsible for my near-death experience, and she did come to my aid as soon as I told her I needed to leave.

In fact, the "thanks to Lucy," is a heart-felt note of gratitude for not allowing me to die and not a sarcastic indictment on Lucy's responsibility for my experience.

However, I should also note that I am in no way responsible for my own actions and, let's face it, 75% of the blame probably falls on Lucy since she is in charge of me.

I should not be expected to look after my own health needs. I didn't sign up for that.

Tammy said...

I suppose I should clarify #1-Lucy I really wouldn't beat you-it was meant to be funny hahaha-as Bob will attest-I couldn't really beat anyone-not even myself. Thank you for taking care of him-as you can see, he does like to shift blame.

Angie said...

I on the other hand know Lucy well enough at this point to both beat her to a bloody pulp for allowing him to get to that point...

and then lay hands on her and pray for her to be healed afterwards.

Lucy said...

Tammy: Thank you, your words are a comfort to me.
Angie: I'm quite sure you DON'T know me, and that if there is someone you DO know whom you've associated with the name Lucy, it is highly coincidental. That person is not me, and you would never want to beat said person to a bloody pulp, but only pray for her. Really.

Angie said...

I know that Lucy is not Stephanie, if that's what you mean?

And that means that I know Lucy well enough to want her not to let Robert die of heat stroke, please! hahaha! and I'd pray my hardest for Lucy too, as hard as I could, for Lucy to be healed after I had beat her as hard as I could if he had died in the middle of the bazaar.


(but in reality, I'm not a fighter, who are we kidding). Thanks for getting him home.