What is the What

It's almost 4:30 am and here I am writing a blog post.

I am finishing up the last of the laundry so I can pack. I don't want to be rushed tomorrow, so I decided to stay up all night or until I was finished washing clothes.

I had another task, too. I had to finish reading What is the What by Dave Eggers. It's a library book, so I can't take it with me. I started reading it before I went to California, but, as usual, I got busy and didn't finish it, but I was determined to read the whole thing.

It's a fantastic book that I can't recommend strongly enough.

It's about the Lost Boys of Sudan and it's stunning in it's depiction of the struggles - a word too soft - these boys and thousands of Sudanese refugees endured and are still enduring in Africa.

Here's a link to more information on Southern Sudan.


Kate said...

I read that for school!
It was great!
Dave Eggers and one of the Lost Boys came to our convocation.

rdmeeker said...

What!?! I did not know that. I mean, I knew you read the book, but I didn't know Dave Eggers was at your school!


jen h. said...

way to remember the Sudanese :).
kudos to you!
happy flying...