Waste Time, But Feel Good About It

So, before I left for Iraq, I found a great new time wasting website, www.freerice.com.

Here's the deal: you answer vocabulary questions and for every correct answer, you donate 10 grains of rice to help feed the riceless.

I know 10 doesn't sound like much, but the site also tracks your vocab level (from 1 to 50), so you can compete against yourself to see how much you know. For me, this means, I can play for hours trying to get my score up to 50.

I haven't yet. So far, I top out at 47. In all honesty, I average in the 40-42 range most of the time.

It's pretty addicting. You need to answer three right to move up a level, but each wrong answer pushes you back a level. It's a lot of fun and you can rack up a lot of rice.

Even if it is vocabulary.


Craig said...

you're right it is fun. I need to go back and get my score near 50. My best was 45 so far.

L said...

Tee hee - I got to 50 quite quickly! (Of course, there WERE those last few words I googled, but still) Fun game! I had to stop at 900 grains of rice, but I'll go back soon. :-)

rdmeeker said...

L is a cheater!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Kate said...

I just realized that you and I will not be able to go see the Spice Girls b/c you are in the IQ.