Nothing Much to Say, but...

...I figure I am in iraq, so I should update this every now and again.

It's interesting to be back again. I have never been here in the Autumn, so that's new. I've also never been here with a wife and a baby, so that's new, too.

The people here love Nila. They are very happy to meet her and she's gotten some very interesting gifts already. My favorite is a tiny stuffed animal on a keychain. When you press the button in its stomach, it squeals and then says "I love you" while it's eyes light up and the light is red.

So, it's great. A little sqealing, red-eyed animal.

We're starting to make plans for Thanksgiving dinner, too. We'll be able to find a Turkey, but someone will have to kill it (not me) and I don't know what other goodies we'll be able to recreate, but between the ten of us here in the office, we should be able to come up with something good.

It won't be the same as spending Thanksgiving in Ohio, of course. No family, no frui-pagne, no Macy's parade, no Watergate salad, none of Erin's off-color jokes, no White Castle at midnight, no driving to Jeffersonville. Just not the same.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you have a very small case of being home-sick.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have found Pampers, I was concerned. We will drink a toast of fru-pagne to you, I will not attempt dump cake (although I will miss it terribly!!)and umm didn't Nila have a stuffed animal to take with her that she should be madly in love with and cry when she doesn't have it??? HMMMMMM????
Love you

Ness Kinney said...

I do not see a picture with a scarecrow head anywhere on this site. Do not make me get Hannah to type you a poison pen e-mail.

jen h. said...

i'm amazed that there are TEN people in the office. wow! good stuff!
and good job on being PC and not calling Autumn "Fall."
you know how the americans think.