Somewhere along the way Halloween has become an important family holiday. I don't know what your family does - maybe nothing. But, my family has a tradition.

Every year we all get together for Beggar's Night to see the kids' costumes, pass out candy and eat pizza. It's grown since it first started at Christy's and it centered around Kate trick-or-treating. Now there are three kids carting candy home. next year there may be four if Angie and I get desperate enough for candy to force our 14 month-old out onto the streets. And it's changed locations to Vanessa and Rob's home and neighborhood.

But some things remain the same. We still take tons of pictures, we still eat too much pizza and drink too much pop. It goes without saying that we eat too much candy. We laugh alot, too.

That's the best part.

Check out more pictures here.


Katie said...

I missed family Halloween :(
Stupid chemistry, if I hadn't had that exam, I totally would have stayed Tuesday and Wednesday.
I love you guys and I hope (well I can tell from the pictures) you had fun!

rdmeeker said...

We missed you too, Kate! I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to make you sad...

Did you look at the pictures? Hannah was fancy ketchup. It was pretty awesome.

Kate said...

I loved the pictures!
The kids are so cool.
I should have been in that afro wig :-(