Let's All Try for a Day

I have mentioned here before that the government of Iran has a reputation for crazy. I, myself, have refrained from calling anyone over there crazy and I intend to continue to do. However, from time to time, I find it necessary to point out goings-on with my new neighbor which could - possibly - be construed as, if not crazy, a little unusual.

Case in point: state run Irani television has banned the use of the word "women." Read more here.

The word has been replaced with "family." I am not sure how this works in practice. Perhaps in Farsi it all makes perfect sense, but I imagine the evening news must sound like this:

"Today in Tehran, thousands of families protested our eradication of the term currently known as 'family.'"

or is it "Today in Tehran, thousands of family protested...?"

Wait, my mistake. It would be "Today in Tehran, everything was great and many families celebrated their love for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a devout manner."

I just can't imagine why any nation would replace a plural noun with a singular noun!

Oh, wait. My mistake again. They do it to get the international media to cover nonsense rather than stories like this one.

I intend to stop using the word women on my blog in honor of Iran and their diversion skills. I will also use family.

At least I will until I forget.

Just like Iran wants...


Mobea said...

There is a town here in the US that is trying to get Santa to stop saying "Ho Ho Ho" and say "Ha Ha Ha" instead because it might be offensive to certain "families"

"He He He gay family"
Old language translation
"Merry Christmas happy woman"

Kate said...

I think that you tried to call and I missed it!!!!
Oh no!
Call back, call back, call back!
Love you guys!