Terrorism Strikes Close to Home

Three nights ago my city was without power for an entire night. This means that across town fans and coolers were deadly silent and the citizens of our fair city sweltered in their brick*-oven homes

Two nights ago, we learned the truth**. Terrorists had cut the power line that runs from Baghdad to Kirkuk and our local dam couldn't produce enough electricity to give us our usual 6 to 8 hours of power.

We were also warned that the following night would be just as bad as crews frantically*** tried to repair the damage.

To my fellow foreigners I said: "Well, it was fine when the terrorists were just killing innocent civilians, but now that they've attacked my electricity, I am angry****."

Oh, and the picture has nothing to do with the post, but she does seem angry about the power situation.

*Of course, I mean cinder blocks
**Total unsubstantiated rumor
***No one here works frantically. I mean frantically in the slowest and most lackadaisical [btw, I totally had to run that word back through the spell checker. I am convinced that this spelling is incorrect, but dictionary.com agrees] manner possible.
**** Allegedly


Vanessa said...

It couldn't possibly be the creepy American taking her picture that made her angry. Oh no, it was the lack of air conditioner in the hottest country on earth that she has lived in since birth and grown used to that made her angry. Whatever helps your black hole creating fan , alien living under the dish towel, crack-den living self sleep.


Kate said...

So, the use of the "**** Allegedly" reminded me of our Wikipedia adventure...hahaha!
We are a dynamic sibling duo sometimes!

Anonymous said...

How far are you from Tal Afar?