Angie is a Stalker

Dear Kate,

Angie told me that you had been reading her blog. She asked if you had left any comments here. I was a little offended since you hadn't left me a comment, but had clearly left one for Angie. But it turns out she only knew you'd been checking in because she reads through her site statistics.

I usually don't stalk people that read my blog, but I checked my sitemeter and saw someone from Miami U had been reading. That must mean you! 

Or your weirdo roommate, I guess. Maybe she's the one checking in. 

So, how's it going? How's the room? Have you met anyone cool? lame? super? supercreepy? I am excited to hear what's up.




Dear Kate's Roommate,

Kate did NOT tell me that you were a weirdo.

I just made an assumption.

I hope this doesn't adversely affect your relationship with Kate. If so, feel free to use her irrational fear of zombies against her.


Robert, Kate's brother


Lucy said...

Hey! Can you tell that I read your blog?

rdmeeker said...

Yes, Lucy. I can totally tell whenever you check in.

I don't always stalk my readers, but there's a little map on my sitemeter which lists everyone's location, so every now and then I see a little dot marked FV, CA.

Lucy said...