Nerdy, but...

Ok, Ok. This is from a movie that isn't out yet which is based on a book which I have not read and do not intend to read. I took a quiz and was matched with an animal which may be the animal representation of my spirit. I'm not sure, I didn't really read the website.

Here's what I do know. My animal is a snow leopard. You can click on the pic and take a short quiz about ME. If you don't agree with my self-assessment, then the animal will change from a snow leopard to something else, say a flamingo or a snail. Who knows.

I promise to do the same for you - if you are nerdy enough to create your own!

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Devan said...

Robert, I've changed your daemon probably five times. Sorry, I was playing with it to see what I could produce. I didn't realize that it actually changes it for you. I thought it just changed to show me what daemon matched my answers. Oops!!

Craig said...

I was hoping for a flamingo but I have you as a fox (I think).