Luggage Watch 2007

So, I'm fairly certain that you are all waiting on the edges of your seats waiting for an update on my luggage. 

Here's the good news: American Airlines has a tracking number for my luggage. This was up in the air for a while given the situation in Dubai; I didn't actually check in my own luggage.

Here's the bad news: That tracking number attached to my bags hasn't led to any actual tracking. It's still lost somewhere between Dubai and Columbus. 

I am getting a lot of use out of my Kurdish shoes, though, since they're the only shoes I have. I must say, though, they may not have been made with the modern world in mind. I bought the Iranian shoes rather than the traditional. The leather and fabric bottoms leave me sliding all over the place. It was worse when I was travelling the marble-floored airports. Now, I mostly walk on carpet and concrete so I'm good. 

I wanted to post pictures of my sister Vanessa's 30th birthday party last night, but I can't find the camera, so the world will have to wait. 

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