Addicted to the Internet

PC Magazine apparently has a list of the top 100 underrated websites of the year. I won't link to it here, i think you're all capable of a google search.

I checked out a few of them and I have found one that I enjoy very much. It's called GoodReads.com. Here's the deal: you create a profile and begin reviewing books that you are reading/ have read. You can invite your friends and keep up-to-date with what they're reading as well as their reviews of books read.

I have been fighting the temptation to add every book I've ever read! But, I want each book I add to have some sort of value - a good review or something. I have to admit that I have added more books already than I plan to review, so I am trying to slow myself down and just add new books as I read them. We'll see how I do.

If you decide to join, seek me out and be my friend. Unless, of course, you read crap books that I don't want to know about. I don't think that's be anyone who reads this, though.

In the spirit of book love, I've also added the GoodReads widget down below my archives on the right hand side of this page.

Also, you will notice that I have added a new blog to the blog list on the right. Be sure to check it out. Wink, wink.

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