I Don't Know Why...

I was bored today so I checked out what they call the "Meez" feature on Photobucket..

It's fairly lame in that it's hard to get the "Meez" to actually look like me - which wouldn't be a big deal except that's the whole point of the thing.

However, once I realized I could make it do the Elaine dance from Seinfeld, I was sold.



Angie said...

(Angie shakes her head).



the father of my child.

Spot on.

Yes, that Cristi said...

yeah, i dunno what u are talking about Bob..that totally looks like you...dances like u too :D

Kate said...

Hey Bob! I HAVE been reading. I miss you guys a lot. I have met some okay people, but I'm still unsure of how I feel about the school. It's okay. I'm okay.
So far it's just kind of BLEHK.
Hopefully it will get better. I start school tomorrow so we will see!
I love you guys!