Why You Gotta Break Stuff?

Last year - maybe March - I broke my laptop's power cable and I had to search all over Iraq for a new one.

In June or July, I broke that one and had to order a new one online. I was at home, so it was easier.

In late November, I broke that one.

Since then, I've been using Angie's.

Yesterday, I broke that one, too.

Now, I blame shoddy construction. I mean, really. My old laptop (which I also broke) never had any issues with its power cord. I've had three different cords and Angie has had two - one of which I had no hand in breaking.

The point of this story is that both of our laptops are out of commission and they will stay this way until around the 19th of this month.

Until then, we're borrowing mom's laptop so Angie can do her school work. I don't expect to blog much during this period, but there will be some.

Just pray I don't break mom's power cord, too.

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