Light Glade Lady Drama

Ever now and again I go through my stats to see how people are getting to 13Months.

The answer 90% of the time these days is a google search for Dori Kelly or something else Glade-related.

Last month, I noticed links from something called the FlyLadyForum. This meant nothing to me, so I checked it out.

Turns out that a blogger there had plagiarized portions of my original Glade Lady post without giving me any credit. Someone noticed and busted her out on the forum. It was all fairly humorous.

I was a little offended and a little flattered at the same time. I mean, it's not every day that someone thinks my work is good enough to... let's say borrow.

I checked out the blog in question, too and sure enough there were my words in someone else's post. The strangest thing was that we seemed to be living parallel lives. I am a stay-at-home dad, she's a stay-at-home mom. I have issues with the Glade Lady, she has issues with the Glade Lady. It's possible that we have parallel thoughts. I commented on the post and then didn't give it another thought.

Today, I noticed a couple more visitors from the FlyLadyForum, so I checked it out.

Turns out someone busted her again in a different thread. Click here and scroll down to Post #13.

It's nice to know that someone is sticking up for me out there.

But I also feel kind of bad. It seems that she's been away from the forum for some amount of time due to unspecified personal issues and, now when she ventured back in, someone points out her past mistakes.

I wasn't even going to mention it, but I realized I haven't posted about Glade in a long time.

Viva la Glade


Aimee said...

Wow. What's the quote that says... Imitation is the best form of flattery? Or something like that. I'm going to check out the posts. I'm very familiar with FlyLady, but haven't implemented her steps yet. One day, maybe?

joan said...

i am cracking up that someone stole your blog post...and the Glade one of all things. too funny. of course, you are pretty much always worth quoting!